Meridian DNA

Sunlight is Mediterranean culture DNA. It is the spring of life for natural ecosystems, stamina for agriculture and a climate factor for the people that developed specific material cultures. But sunlight is also a metaphor for the “meridian” condition which Franco Cassano identifies as the eventual future for the Italian Mezzogiorno: a way of liberation from a twisted, imposed and failed modernization, a condition from which the territory should start rethinking itself. MERIDIAN DNA is a research lab to cultivate this future plan. It brings together ecosystems, cultures and artifacts that developed through the Mediterranean sun to protect, to study and reform them. The 7 km of the highway have a different range of environmental conditions, altitudes and conditions of irradiation of the overpasses: they allow to arrange a sequence of “experimental situations”, climatically controlled, where the biological processes and technologies are implemented to research for new development trails.

The highway paths are overlaid with a wire netting underpinning photovoltaic panels and small wind turbines – fundamental to the energetic autonomy of the system and the energy supply of the region around – and shadow devices to control the conditions of irradiation and temperature in the underlying activities.
At the same level of the former highway lane, research platforms are laid. They contain portions of ecosystem, small cultivations and technology elements related to the suitable climate conditions. A series of lab mark this object sequence as milestones and offers the hooking for water and energy plants, fundamental to different activities.
The organization of space includes a dedicated lane for service mobility and potential visitors through electric vehicles. The track portion dedicated to research activities will be instead set up without hierarchy and with the possibility of moving the elements, valuing the climate needs of single scientific experiences.

Tipologia Progettoconcorso di progettazione

Gruppo di progettazione:

Federico Zanfi

Francesco Pergetti,

David Giraldeau

Carlo Callari

Enza Santangelo